For those of you considering building a log or timber frame home realize that they
are entering a world that is uniquely different from any other that they might have

Both styles of homes have been around for many centuries. They have withstood
many changes through out the years and to this day are still marveled at.

Each style has many, many different aspects that makes choosing to build such a
structure a very personal and desirable decision. For those that make such a choice
understand that they not only are choosing a unique building style but more of a way
of life!

Log homes of today are very well designed and can be configured to each
individuals personal needs. They offer durability, warmth, a sense of security that
can withstand the test of time.

When choosing to build a log home one needs to consider several important factors
such as location, time, the type of material and most important a design that is
distinctive to the individual.

Timber framing is a form of building that has been utilized through out the centuries
also and for many to build a timber frame is not only to build a home but to build a

Timber framing is about craftsmanship, creativity, durability and personal style.
Today's timber framing invites old world craftsmanship and modern technology to
blend together to create artistic dreams.
It is all about PASSION!
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